Sandpiper hand treat

30 minutes

An exfoliation scrub for hands and arms, followed with a nourishing hand and arm massage.


Sandpiper feet


30 minutes

An exfoliation scrub for feet and legs, followed with a nourishing foot and leg massage



45 minutes

Starting at the toes and moving down the feet, the therapist will work their fingers and thumbs across the reflex points.

If you have a specific condition, the therapist can feel and work the area corresponding to the problem, allowing the nerve pathways and congestion to be released.

This treatment is subject to therapist availability


Luxury pedicure

45 minutes

A nourishing foot soak, scrub, file, cuticle work and buff, with an optional clear or clear glitter polish.  Finishing with a massage to the legs and feet with body butter.


Luxury manicure

45 minutes

A nourishing hand soak, scrub, file, cuticle work, and buff with an optional clear or clear glitter polish. Finishing with a 

massage to the arms and hands with body butter.


Calming foot and leg treat

60 minutes

A relaxing foot soak while you receive a blissful 10 minute Indian head massage, followed with a nourishing massage to your legs and feet.


Calming hand & arm treat

60 minutes

A nourishing hand soak while you receive a relaxing 10 minute Indian head massage, followed with a nourishing massage to your arms and hands.


Mini treats

Individual treatments

20 minutes each

~ Relax foot & leg massage

~ Relax hand & arm massage

£20 each

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Sandpiper Pool and Spa




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