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Indian head massage

30 minutes

A relaxing massage to the head and neck, with pressure points and a soothing arm and hand massage.


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Reflexology facial

45 minutes

A relaxing holistic experience, removing stress by assisting the body to heal and rebalance itself.

Gentle pressure is applied to the different reflex zones on the face and these points directly relate to areas of the body.

This treatment is subject to therapist availability


Acupressure, reflexology. Natural medicine, reflexology, acupressure foot massager oppress


45 minutes

Starting at the toes and moving down the feet, the therapist will work their fingers and thumbs across the reflex points.

If you have a specific condition, the therapist can feel and work the area corresponding to the problem, allowing the nerve pathways and congestion to be released.

This treatment is subject to therapist availability


A lady gets the La Stone facetreatment i

90 minutes

Hot stone body massage 
with cold stone facial

Hot stones are massaged over the body using aroma oils.

The stones work to ease tense muscles, with the healing benefits of the oils being absorbed by the body, while the aroma relaxes the mind.

The cold stone facial massage has a soothing effect on the face and neck, reducing facial tension lines while lifting and firming.

Choose between an energising or relaxing blend of oils.