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Updated: Apr 5, 2022

A spa session at Sandpiper is your ultimate stress buster.

So how can spending time at Sandpiper Pool and Spa be the ultimate stress buster?

Step into your own oasis of calm

From the minute you step through the gate into the spa, your time here is just for you and your guests in private.

We have created a completely holistic experience, benefiting not just your physical body, but also your emotional, mental and spiritual self.

As you walk into the spa, take a deep breath and inhale the wonderful scents of aromatherapy. This brings an instant feeling of calm and wellness and that’s before you’ve even got changed into your spa robe!

These oils not only smell amazing, the different scents send triggers to the brain which affect us physically and mentally.

The oils we use in the spa create an uplifting, calming and happy affect enabling the mind to destress. Our scents are all provided by Amelia Amour and are created using 100% natural aromatherapy oils.

You could also treat yourself to a relaxing aroma massage to really get the healing benefits of the oils.

Our customers tell us that there is something very unique and special about being here at Sandpiper. This means so much to us, as we really wanted to create a tranquil space, that feels like you are stepping away from the real world for a while.

Our busy lives provide less and less time to switch off, with our mobiles constantly beeping notifications, emails, messages, and phone calls. Many of our spa clients tell us that they like to switch off their mobiles for a digital detox. Of course, here at Sandpiper you can make your own mobile/tablet/camera/laptop rules, as you’re not going to be disturbing anybody else. So if you would like to spend your day reclining on a heated waterbed while typing out your first novel, that’s no problem.

Float your cares away

I like to start my spa time with a swim, and as I submerge myself into the water, I feel any stress I was carrying just floating away.

With the whole pool to yourselves, you can enjoy a leisurely swim without crowds of people splashing around.

There are so many health benefits of swimming, which include:

· Reduces stress and relieves depression

· Creates a happier mood

· Swimming works your whole body, while not putting pressure on your bones and joints

· Builds up strength and stamina

· Tones muscles and burns calories

· Improves the strength of your heart and lungs

· Improves your sleep

· Swimming is great during pregnancy and can really provide relief in the later stages

After my swim, I head to the thermal hot and cold experiences.

Sauna (dry heat)

I was a relative late comer to really enjoying the benefits of a sauna. I have visited many spas, and always found it slightly uncomfortable sitting in a sauna full of strangers, sweating and becoming red faced (rather than gently glowing), while feeling as though I was in some kind of competition to see who could stay in the longest. Inevitably I ended up being the last one in and the first one out! How do they do it???

Having a sauna all to yourself really is a very different experience. You can lie back feeling comforted by the heat, close your eyes and imagine you are lying sun kissed on an exotic beach. While you’re enjoying this moment of meditation, your body is benefitting from sweating out all of those toxins. The sauna heat relieves your muscles and produces endorphins (feel-good chemicals) bringing down your stress levels.

Steam room (wet heat)

I’ve always loved the humid heat of a steam room and I have a mantra for when I feel things are getting stressful; "STEAMING IS BETTER THAN SCREAMING", this reminds me that I am in need of some spa time.

Just like the sauna, your body will sweat out the toxins from your body and also release those feel-good chemicals to bring down your stress levels. The menthol scent will also clear the airways.

Now for the cold bit!!

During the sauna or steam detox process, your pores in your skin open up to let out the toxins. After benefitting from sweating it all out, it is important to close the pores again.

We have a great range of experiences to give you the full benefit of hot to cold.

My personal favourite for closing the pores on my face is the Ice Room. A big bowl filled with crushed ice and icy water. I love to really soak a flannel in the ice, cover it over my face and then feel my skin tingling and tightening.

I then head into The Snow Room for the traditional Scandinavian experience of coming out of the sauna into the snow.

We have one of only 5 real snow rooms in spas in the UK and it is a truly exhilarating experience.

There are many health benefits of a hot to cold thermal experience including improved circulation, motivation and stress relief.

The cold temperature alone will close the pores on your body, or if you’re feeling braver you can rub the snow all over your body. It really does feel fantastic and makes for a great photo opportunity.

If ice and snow isn't really for you, we have a luxurious experience shower.

Enjoy a tropical rainfall shower with relaxing coloured lights, this really reaches all of your senses and lifts your mood.

You can change the temperature, from a torrential downpour of cold rain to a lovely relaxing warm downpour or gentle rainfall.

After braving the snow room, ice room or refreshing shower, you can either head back for more hot to cold experiences, or my personal favourite is to get straight into the warmth of the jacuzzi.

With over 40 massage jets, this really will relax all of your muscles and you will feel your stresses just melting away.

All of these thermal experiences are great for reducing your stress, but of course there are other ways of relaxing and switching off.

For some, a day at the spa is a day of pure relaxation. This could be lying on a lounger in the garden with just the sound of the birds and the waterfall, or enjoying a cup of tea or fresh coffee and biscuits with friends.

Maybe you would prefer snuggling up under a blanket on a comfy sofa in the lounge with a book or magazine and a nice cool orange or apple juice.

For mindfulness there are adult colouring books, which really are a great stress reliever.

Throughout the spa there are crystals which are regularly cleansed and charged with reiki healing energy.

These crystals fill the spa with healing energy for the mind, body and spirit.

You may like to spend some time meditating with them or just holding a crystal to really get the maximum benefit from their amazing energy.

Enjoy a pampering treatment in our relaxing treatment room

A relaxing facial or massage treatment (using Elemis products), is a great way of relieving stress. The aromas of the oils combined with the relaxing massage movements will benefit you physically, emotionally and mentally.

After a treatment, the relaxation room is the perfect place to just snuggle up in a heated waterbed, listening to the deep relaxation music and allowing yourself to drift off into a relaxing sleep.

At the end of your spa time, there is a range of products for your face, body and hair, all made using natural aromatherapy oils. The wonderful aromas will complete your overall sense of wellbeing, leaving you feeling fresh, calm and ready to face the world.

To book your stress free spa session at Sandpiper please send us a message on our contact page

We take bookings up to a year in advance for 2 - 8 people, for 3 - 8 hours.



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