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Will we really have the whole spa all to ourselves?

We get asked this a lot and the answer is a huge 'YES'.

A private spa should be exactly that, completely private. We have heard stories of people visiting 'private' facilities and they have either been overlooked, or there have been staff around. At Sandpiper our guests expect complete privacy and that is what you will always have.

We are very proud to have been awarded the revered 5 bubble spa rating with the Good Spa Guide and are finalists once again in their Best Day Spa award. We also won Best Day Spa 2022 in the Muddy Stilettos awards. Your experience is always our priority.

When you arrive for your spa session here at Sandpiper, you will be given a tour of all of the facilities and then we will leave you in complete privacy to enjoy your spa time.

We make sure that you have our contact number, so that if you need anything you can just give us a call.

Nobody else will ever be using any area of the spa during your spa time. All areas of the spa including the spa garden are completely private for you and not overlooked. This includes the changing area, swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, rainfall shower, snow room (real snow), spa garden, relaxation room (with heated waterbeds) and chillout lounge with refreshment area. For health and safety each booking has to be for a minimum of 2 people so that nobody is in the spa on their own.

For a couples spa session, what could be more romantic than sitting in a jacuzzi together with nobody else around or having a whole swimming pool completely to yourselves. The music and lighting can be adjusted around the spa to create your own atmosphere in the different areas. There are no rules around mobile phones or laptops, so you can either have a tech free day, or add to your social media or blog and take photos wherever you like.

Some of our guests come to Sandpiper to get away from the public. As we are located in a very private area, it really is the perfect setting to remove yourselves from the outside world for a while.

We have many customers who really enjoy the health benefits of a spa, but for various reasons, just don’t feel comfortable using spas with lots of people. Knowing that you have the whole place completely to yourselves, provides the opportunity to relax and be totally comfortable.

Group bookings are very popular, whether for a celebration or a catch up with friends or family. Knowing that you can chat where you like and have a laugh without being told to 'shush' means you can all just relax and enjoy your time together. Your experience here is very unique, so it really makes the occasion extra special.

Since Covid 19 there are still some vulnerable people who are nervous about mixing with others, so it is both reassuring and refreshing to not have to worry about being around anybody, other than the person/people in your spa group. The spa is thoroughly cleaned after each spa session and fully treated with fogging spray on all surfaces.

If you have booked for an all-day spa session which includes lunch, we will bring your lunch into the lounge area at an agreed time. We will only be coming into the lounge, so if you would prefer not to be present while we lay out your buffet, then please feel free to spend this time elsewhere in the spa, where you won’t be disturbed. You can then come to the lounge to enjoy your lunch in private. A buffet lunch can also be ordered as an extra for shorter bookings, along with other extras such as afternoon teas, cupcakes, occasion balloons etc.

Refreshments are available in the lounge for you to help yourself to throughout your spa session, these include fruit juices, still and sparkling waters, coffee and tea. There are also biscuits and fruit. You are welcome to bring any alcohol or snacks with you.

If you have spa treatments booked, your therapist will open the doors of the treatment area into the lounge to call you in at your appointment time. This is the only area of the spa that the therapist will enter and only if you have arranged for treatments. If you have no treatments booked, there will be no therapists on site.

Of course, with nobody else around, there are no rules around clothing either. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible. Robes and spa slippers are provided, but what you choose to wear or not to wear is completely up to you… Ooh la la!!

How do I book?

You can check our availability either by email to or by filling out the form on our contact us page . Please let us know the dates you would like to check, how many hours you would like (from 3 - 8 hours) and also how many people you are booking for (2 - 8 people). Once a date has been agreed we will email confirmation of your booking. A 50% deposit is then payable to secure your booking. Your email confirmation also has directions to the spa and details of how to book your treatments and any extras. Final payment can either be paid before the date of your booking, or you can pay when you arrive.

Once you have paid for your spa session and any treatments or extras, there is nothing else to pay. Often a visit to a spa can be as expensive once you are there as it is to book. Here there is nothing else to spend money on, you are just here to relax and enjoy your spa time.



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