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I really fancy a spa day...... but i don't know what to expect 😳

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

questions about spa day, spa nerves, how to enjoy a spa day
What do I wear at the spa? How will I know what to do at the spa? What if .....?

Trying something new can sometimes seem daunting, especially when it involves getting undressed!!

I remember the first time I went to a spa. I had so many questions;

What should I wear? What should I do first? Will I have to get changed in front of anybody? Will it be mixed or just ladies? What do I need to take with me?

My list went on and on, and the idea of this being a day for me to relax was beginning to seem unlikely!

man worried about spa day, spa questions for men
Spa session sounds great, but what if I'm the only man? Do I have to wear a fluffy white robe?

For my husband, there were other questions….will it be full of ladies and I'll be the only man there? Can I wear my joggers instead of a white fluffy robe?

Let’s answer these questions and get rid of any spa fears you may have, so you can start enjoying the chilled out, relaxing spa life that you hear everybody talking about.

Sandpiper Pool and Spa has been designed to enable you to switch off from the world, take time out from your busy life, and spend quality time together with your friends, partner and family, while feeling pampered and relaxed.

mermaid costume, what to wear at the spa
With the whole spa to yourselves, you can wear whatever you are most comfortable in.

When you book your spa session here, you really do have the whole spa completely to yourselves in private, so any fears of not fitting in, or not wearing the trendiest swimwear can disappear.

Your swimwear can be whatever you prefer; swimming costume, bikini, baggy t-shirt, mermaid tail, speedos, mankini etc.

You will be provided with a towelling bathrobe to wear and these are available in regular and xxxl. If you would rather wear your own robe, pj’s, joggers or a onesie to chillout in, that’s absolutely fine, you can wear whatever you are comfortable in. There is no dress code when you have the spa all to yourselves. In fact, clothes are completely optional!

If, like many of us, you are not comfortable stripping off and getting changed in front of your spa buddies, there are changing cubicles available and the lighting in the changing rooms can be made dimmer or brighter to suit. The lights have a lovely flattering warm glow.

No last minute hairy leg worries at a private spa.

Having the spa in private with just your nearest and dearest, also means you can avoid the last-minute panic of unshaven legs, out of control bikini line or unpainted toe nails.

So you’ve got changed and you’re in your comfortable robe/onesie etc……..what happens next?

At Sandpiper, there are no rules about what order you do things, or how long you spend in any particular area. You can do things at your own pace.

relaxing at the spa, chillout time, spa time, day spa
Lie back, shut your eyes and relax.

Maybe you would like to head to the lounge, and start your spa session with a tea/coffee or fruit juice. Curl up on a sofa with a magazine or snuggle up under a blanket and really start to unwind. Of course, heading for the relaxation room and getting cosy in one of the heated waterbeds, is guaranteed to make you feel relaxed.

You may prefer a healthy workout in the pool or to grab a magazine and lie on a lounger around the pool.

It’s a good idea to bring an extra item of swimwear to wear under your robe for when you are doing dry activities, or just your underwear is fine. This is for things like having a treatment, relaxing in the lounge or relaxation room, or enjoying lunch and refreshments.

sauna at Sandpiper, thermal spa, how to enjoy a thermal spa
Just hang up your robe and enjoy the different thermal experiences at your own pace.

The main thermal area at any spa can be a bit nerve wracking, as you try to decide what you’re supposed to go in first.

Should I take my towel in? Do I need to take my robe off? etc.

Relax, you can do things in whichever order feels good for you.

Just grab yourself a towel, hang up your robe so it stays dry for you to put back on later, and enjoy the different thermal experiences at your own pace.

When you go in a hot sauna or steam room, the pores of your skin open, producing sweat which aids detox, getting rid of impurities. When you come out of the heat, you then need to close your pores.

There are different ways to do this. The traditional way to enter the cold after a heat experience, is in the snow. At Sandpiper we have a snow room with real snow, and entering this when you are really hot feels so invigorating, making your skin feel amazing (you will want your spa slippers on for this).

Maybe you prefer to head for the experience shower, and have a cold mist followed by a warm rainfall. For a more gentle experience, you can go into the ice room and soak a flannel in the bowl of ice, hold it onto your face and wipe over your body. Not only does this feel amazing, it also closes your pores.

Swimming pool at Sandpiper Pool and Spa
Enjoy swimming without the crowds.

After the cold, you could head to the pool for a swim. The indoor pool here is heated to 32 degrees, and feels like a bath after the cold of the snow. You may prefer to just head straight for the jacuzzi, this is heated to 36 degrees, and feels so luxurious. Let the massage jets soothe your muscles and just relax.

When you’re ready for some relaxation, get yourself dried, slip on your robe and head to the heated waterbeds. If you want to relax without getting dry, head for the loungers around the pool, or if it is a nice day lie back on a lounger outside in the garden.

no talking, no mobile phones, use of phones in a spa
At a private spa there are no rules about talking or use of phones

Another thing that can sometimes be tricky at a spa, is knowing where you can talk and where you have to be quiet. Where can I use my phone or take photos? At a private spa you can please yourselves as there is nobody to disturb.

If you have a treatment booked for during your spa time, get yourself dried and slip into your underwear or dry swimwear, and pop your robe on. Allow yourself enough time to relax while you wait in the lounge for your therapist to call you in.

Of course, everybody’s perfect spa day is different. Having a spa session with your partner can be a very different experience to a spa day with your friends.

At Sandpiper, your spa day can be as busy or as relaxed as you would like. Your private spa time here is special. It enables you to experience something that is becoming more difficult to achieve in our busy lives. It gives you space and time to breathe, time away from your responsibilities, and time to remember that you are important and deserve to take care of yourself.



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